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My film, two years late.

January 14, 2010

I finally got off my ass and uploaded my 2008 film Perennial.

Sara and I shot this from Fall 2006-Fall 2007, and I finished it in time to screen at SAIC’s school-end film/video screen-a-thon in May of 2008.

I’m still pretty proud of it. We shot some really nice film, and the cut has a good pace and flow (if you like abstract nature doc/film diary/pretty flowers and ice stuff). Hearing my own voice makes me cringe, but it’s a personal film, so it makes sense to have me doing the talking.

We just finished shooting our second film (Winter 2009-Winter 2010). This time, we shot in B&W reversal film – that’s where the film in the camera develops as a positive image instead of a negative – and took a wider view of our life together. This was the year we got engaged, married and honeymooned, so that will surely feature in this sequel. Since we’re following Hollywood trends, this is going to be the second installment in a trilogy, which means we need to end on a downer. Maybe I’ll lose a hand and have to be pulled off of a weather vane into the Millennium Falcon.

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