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close-up pt.3

February 23, 2010

We thought that Sara’s mini-paintings for the comic (detailed in these two posts) looked pretty cool, so as we developed the background of Sam and Beth’s apartment, we decided to start featuring our friends’ work. We’re lucky to know a lot of great artists, and these tiny reproductions are little tributes to them.

The first one we did is on page five. Here it is a bit bigger:

That’s based on the painting Puss In Boat, a wedding present from our friend Tom Stack. He’s an artist and musician up in Milwaukee. He comes down to Chicago sometimes, and Sara helps him print posters at the Bird Machine. He also comes down with his band Wereworm, but we have failed so far in our attempts to see them play.

Two pages later, Sam and Beth are up and making breakfast. Hanging above their butcher block is a mirror with a painted frame:

This is a very loose interpretation of a mirror that our sister-in-law Surabhi Ghosh gave to Sara as a birthday present last year. Apart from having the good sense to be married to my brother, Surabhi also shows her quality through teaching comics and fiber art classes at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and by giving us the occasional gift of her art.

Lately, her work has moved away from comics-inspired drawings of animals and plantlike forms (maybe we’ll feature some of that soon, too) towards detailed decorative paintings on found objects. Thrift store picture frames, mirrors and solid-wood chess boards are rescued and fashioned into these beautiful abstract landscapes and scenes.

Finally, in last week’s comic, Sam and Beth were hanging out in their living room. This was above the couch:

This one is based on a monoprint by Sara’s brother Caleb, a printmaker and sculptor down in Augusta, Georgia. Much of his work incorporates materials he collects outdoors: dead moths, beetles and hummingbirds. A while ago, he had an installation involving mud-and-stick sculptures inspired by the huge termite mounds in Africa and Australia.

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  1. February 23, 2010 8:33 pm

    What fun. This is such a nice way to share.


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