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The Fourth of July (USA – observed)

November 8, 2010

We celebrated Independence Day a little late this year, so you’ll forgive me for posting these pictures late. (click for bigger version)

If you’re metadata savvy, you’ll see that these were taken on July 5th. I know, right? Our failure to make an overt display of patriotism on the designated day is a punishable offense in many states. I think our neighbors already assume that we are secret Islamofascist Communists.

To allay your fears, here is a hearwarmingly American picture of Americans enjoying American things: the orange glows of the sunset, a lighter and sodium oxide lamps.

Celebrating any national holiday late does have its benefits. The day after Easter, you get half-priced jelly beans (but no Creme Eggs – those things are long gone by then). The day after Halloween: candy corn discounts. After Christmas, you can get all the spray snow you want for a pittance. And after Arbor Day, free trees.

I’m not sure about that last one, but check out this discount bottle rocket:

Yep, fireworks are fun.

Safety is fun, as well. Make sure to follow all the instructions on the package.

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